This book spoke to me soo much and

Don't Panic
MTV Unplugged (Deluxe Version)
The Truth Is…

I enjoyed this film, and

Scars & Souvenirs
Alice In Chains: Live
Last Young Renegade
Magazines or Novels
Straight to DVD II: Past, Present, and Future Hearts
Strange Nights of Stone: The Bright Midnight Archives Concerts, Vol. II (Live)
Black Gives Way To Blue
Straight To DVD (Video Version)
Alice In Chains

Future Hearts
Dirty Work
Live From L.A.
MTV Unplugged: Alice In Chains (Live)
This Is War (Deluxe)
The Good Parts

A majority of the

Andy Grammer
The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
Nothing Personal
A Beautiful Lie
Magazines Or Novels (Deluxe Edition)
30 Seconds To Mars
Don't Panic: It's Longer Now!
This Is War
Rainier Fog
Bumping this up to

I really don't know why people are hating