I was hoping for more "art" projects. This


As an introduction to

The Complete Truth
30 años 30 canciones
Music for the American Revolution, Vol. 2: Fury & Feedback (Live)
The Ascent
News and Tributes
Almost Free
Le Garage (Live At the Garage) – Single
I think the point is to grab the reader
The Whole Damn Thing
Holy Ghost
Fragile Figures
The Chaos
I have played guitar for a number of years and
Music for the American Revolution, Vol. 1: Rock City Roots
Hechizos, Pócimas y Brujería
Live at the Hardback
Fragile Figures (Deluxe Edition)

This film is a

Alright i watched the movie in

Walking to the Sun
Light It Up
Forever and Counting (Expanded Edition)
Thunder Express (Live)
The Suicide Machines
Knife Man
Finisterra Ópera Rock
Diabulus in Opera (Live)
Liam Lynch Presents the Sweet Electric, Vol. One